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Council of Presidents of
The United Nations General Assembly 


Realizing the ideals of the United Nations Charter by advancing multilateralism through the United Nations, providing learned perspectives on international issues and supporting the efforts of the President of the United Nations General Assembly and of the Secretary-General.

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​Annual Meeting


The CPGA holds an annual meeting to provide a platform for former presidents to exchange ideas and experiences, and to discuss issues of mutual interest. The upcoming annual meeting is scheduled for June 2023.

Forum on Global Challenges


The CPGA organizes forums on various global challenges to provide a space for experts and former presidents to share their insights and contribute to the work of the UN. The next forum is scheduled for September 2023.

Working Group Meetings


The CPGA holds working group meetings to discuss specific issues and challenges related to the work of the UN. The next working group meeting is on human rights and is scheduled for November 2023.

High-Level Symposium


The CPGA also hosts high-level symposiums on topics of significant importance to the international community. The upcoming symposium is on climate change and is scheduled for October 2023.

Diplomatic Reception


The CPGA also hosts diplomatic receptions to foster dialogue and promote cooperation among its members and with other UN officials. The next diplomatic reception is scheduled for December 2023.



The Charter of the Council of Presidents of the General Assembly (CPGA) sets out the guiding principles and values of the organization. The Charter outlines the CPGA's mission, objectives, and structure, and provides a framework for the organization's activities.

The Charter recognizes the importance of the United Nations in promoting international cooperation, peace, and security, and highlights the critical role that former presidents of the UN General Assembly can play in advancing these goals. The Charter affirms the commitment of the CPGA to work collaboratively to address the world's most pressing challenges, and to promote understanding, cooperation, and mutual respect among its members and with the broader international community.


The Charter also establishes the organizational structure of the CPGA, which includes a chairperson and a vice-chairperson, as well as a secretariat responsible for supporting the organization's activities. The Charter outlines the responsibilities of these key roles, and sets out the rules and procedures for the conduct of the organization's affairs.

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Han Seung-soo elected as head of UN General Assembly for past presidents

Former Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo has been elected as the chairperson of a council of past UN General Assembly presidents, according to Seoul's permanent mission to the UN on October 20, 2022.
Han was elected to lead the Council of Presidents of General Assembly (CPGA) for a three-y
ear term at the group's annual meeting held in New York last Thursday, along with Jan Kavan, former Czech foreign minister, as vice chairperson.
Han served as the president of the 56th UN General Assembly in 2001 during his term as Korea's foreign minister. The CPGA was founded in 1997.


Han Seung-soo, former Prime Minister, chaired the plenary session (March 6-7) of the United Nations General Assembly 2024 (Council of the UNCPGA)

Former Prime Minister Han Seung-soo chaired the plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly Presidents' Association (UNCPGA) held in Manama, Bahrain from March 6-7, 2023 (local time), as the chairman of the Council of Presidents of the UN General Assembly.


The UNCPGA is a consultative body composed of former and incumbent UN General Assembly presidents, launched in November 1997 with the purpose of promoting cooperation with major UN organizations, opening communication channels between former General Assembly presidents, supporting activities of the UN General Assembly, and supporting activities related to peace, security, and development of the UN.

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Members of UNCPGA

Han Seung-soo
Chairperson of UNCPGA
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Jan Kavan
Vice Chairperson of UNCPGA
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